Global Engineering, all production and service process, planning the operation in the field of quality and customer satisfaction.

Global Engineering, order, starting with the formation of the ion of the most appropriate material according to customer demand, the sample with the eligibility determination, sales and after-sales customers with experienced technical staff to solve the problems, needs and expectations into reality, providing solutions to our customers and to give opportunities are among the main targets.

Global Engineering, a young and modern team, broad vision, surely increases the success rate in stable structure.

Our Mission

Using advanced technological production methods and approaches, which supply products and service systems, customers, supply chain, ensure the most effective and efficient solutions. Customer satisfaction in the forefront, holding the concept of customer satisfaction as a source of channel partners and continuous innovation and development of technology is a company aiming to share them with the principal.


Without compromising the quality of our company to grow in the domestic and overseas companies in the same industry leading position of elevation, effective and balanced growth of our company is reflected in its activities, to invest in the right areas, and working to ensure the highest efficiency at the lowest cost is to meet our customers´ demands.

Quality Policy

Customers in the continuity of the activities of high quality, rigor and organizations who want the responsibility of the system. Therefore, the right to understand our customers´ demands, we have committed to meeting the contract as expected, demonstrating full compliance with the standards and legal requirements, we rely on the production and product responsibility.

Economic applications, expert staff, high quality solutions for modern and contemporary facilities and technical infrastructure of knowledge and experience to keep the highest level of customer satisfaction by evaluating the idea of ??creative work following the principles of fundamental almaktayız. All of our employees and suppliers to create a peaceful working environment with high performance in our main principles of effective business results .